LB7-LML Duramax

-Upgraded Single Turbo Kits

-Twin Turbo Kits using the factory Turbocharger

-Twin Turbo Kits with 2 upgraded Turbochargers

-Intercooler Tubes

-Y-bridges / EGR Deletes

-Cold Side Combos


-Fabricated Intake Manifolds

-Cold Air Intakes

​-Billet CP3 Wheels

-Billet Exhaust Manifolds

-Custom Air-Water Intercoolers

-Roll Cages

-Custom Turbo Kits

HSP Diesel offers many aftermarket and factory replacement parts for your LB7 through LML Duramax truck, and now also introducing parts for Cummins trucks as well. Below you will find a quick list of just a fraction of what HSP offers and is capable of:

15085 32 Mile Rd. Romeo, MI 48065        (586)785-3110

We are a fully licensed and certified repair shop. Trust HSP Diesel to take care of your truck from start to finish. 
Here are a few services we provide:
Custom ECM tuning
Transmission repair/builds
Engine repair/Builds
Huge selection of turbo chargers
Fuel system upgrades/repair
Exhaust systems


-Bolt-on Twin Turbo Kits using the Factory Turbocharger

-Twin Turbo Kits with 2 Upgraded Turbochargers

-Custom Triple Turbo Kits

-Roll Cages

-Custom In-House Fabrication

-Much more to come!